Alane Gabriel


My name is Alane Gabriel, born in Saltillo Coahuila Mexico a few years a go ! ok many years a go ... I am as Mexican as the Mole! Although I carry within my cells and soul, the Moroccan, Mexican, Israeli culture can think of me as a jalapeƱo Bagel with Hummus  Some know me as a singer-composer, others as a dancer, photographer ,producer or writer I see myself as a mere guide, someone who helps others achieve their dreams ... sort of like a star maker !  Is always a Pleasure for me to see any of my students bloom and flourish as time pass by.  In a way is like being a dad must feel like because each student regardless of their age is a toddler in the arts and slowly grow to become the star was born to be.  I believe stardom is inevitable and I also believe everyone just know if they were born for that... and not everyone wants to famous, many folks me included do not like the red carpets and all that jazz... but those who do, those who were born for it... really feel alive in the middle of all that glamour, camera flashes and those know that I have their back!... that is what i was born for, to help dreamers find their dream ... all dreams become true ... ALWAYS! all you have to do is KNOW what You want and believe without a doubt that is not a matter of IF but WHEN will happen... you can't cheat your own destiny and fate! 



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